One thing that helped make a change for 2021

People usually start the week excited for a new week (that’s me) or it’s the dreaded Monday morning start this is normal, and we all know about Wednesday Hump day and we all know about that Friday feeling.

How often do you get overwhelmed by thinking about everything that you need to get done, too much to do and too little time it leads to confusion and procrastination.

My business is me. I’ve tried different things but they haven’t worked out for me yet. Either by putting my trust in people who didn’t care about my business as much as I did, or by expecting too much from the people I was delegating to, or by just not being clear enough with the responsibilities I was delegating and subsequently not managing everything well enough.

I have “tried todo lists and different apps but again. they haven’t been too successful either.

Over 2020 I have looked at lots of areas of my life I that I want to improve, the one thing that has worked the most is one that you probably wouldn’t expect. Before I say what it is if we haven’t let me describe myself i’m a bearded 6 foot 3 inch 16-17 stone bloke, this one thing is Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, I have completed a few of the 30 days of Yoga and totally recommend great first thing in the morning and set up up for the day. I am not saying they are easy and I have missed poses and had to take breaks but it’s help me on my path to get healthier.

What I have also realised is that you have to stick with something until it becomes a habit. In 2021 I have planned out some of the activities that my business is turning into habits.

  • Using Trello as a business management system (a fancy todo list)
  • Complete important and urgent” tasks first
  • Sending a daily emailer to subscribers, subscribe here
  • Regularly sending my weekly emails
  • Regularly posting my own content on socials not just my clients socials (still working on this one)

Once I have a got to grips with the new ways I am working, then I am sure I won’t procrastinate as much, but when I do the answer for me is to take an off go for a walk or just do nothing.

If you have any tips on how to cure procrastination please let me know.


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