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Our Email Marketing Services

Why should you email your latest connections?


Have you got a pile of business cards or a spreadsheet of contacts, or even a CRM that you don’t use?

We can help!

We can set up an email newsletter and send out weekly, bi weekly or even monthly newsletters to send to your clients or potential new clients.

Content and strategy are a really important part of email marketing, without it how do yo expect to get conversions. In an ideal world you have a 1000 clients on your database, you email those clients all of them open the email and buy from you. In the real world you email 1000 clients 100-400 open the email (thats down to deliverability and subject line), then maybe only 10-40 clickthrough to your website.

We like to build a strategy which can be used across social, web and email to help get you consistent message get through to improve open rates and click throughs and resulting in more clients buying your product or service.


There are several ways to get a blog and we can help get the best option for your business.


Mailchimp services we offer

Mailchimp account audit / review  – £149

Mailchimp Starter  – £399

  • Set up Mailchimp
  • Load contacts from a CSV file
  • Contacts from business cards (priced separately)
  • Create tags and groups of contacts
  • Build sign up forms
  • Design a template
  • Build newsletter strategy

Mailchimp Powerhour £149 (this is a 1 on 1 virtual strategy session)

Mailchimp Mega Morning  Strategy session £499  (this will give you a plan for 12 months of Mailchimp content down to subject line and content ideas


After the Starter, Powerhour, Mega Morning


6 or 12 session support program £600 / £1200 (this is a one virtual call before you send each email we will look at reports from previous email and subject line, layouts etc)

Mailchimp – Create and Send from £400 per month

We will create and send monthly newsletters in accordance with the strategy guideline we set out and agree on in the set up process.

Mailchimp – Review and Send from £100 per month

We also offer a review and send retainer, where we can just review your email before you send making sure subject lines, links and your database is ready to go before you send your email to give you the best chance of your email getting opened.


We hundred percent recommend a blog on your website, there are so many ways in which they can be used in your marketing. Fresh content for your website, Long form content for Linkedin content and email, short form content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and it shows you as an expert in what you do.


Once the Mailchimp account is set up it belongs to the client, Dragon Marketing will not use the client’s data for any purpose other than the clients needs.
Dragon Marketing are triple Certified in Mailchimp and are one of only 85 Mailchimp partners in the UK and the only Mailchimp Partner in Wales as of June 2021. Why is this important you might ask, Mailchimp certifications require a 90% pass mark and the certifications have to be renewed each year to unsure you are updated with the latest information.

We have all 3 certifications, Foundations, Email Marketing and Email Automations.

Read our T&C’s for our Mailchimp & Social Media Clients here

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