small business marketing club

What is the small business marketing club?

Dragon Marketing has been supporting small businesses since 2014, we are always looking at ways to help business in Wales. As our clients grow, some take on there own marketing managers / assistants (we will call them managers for this introduction), we have realised this is where ‘the marketing club comes in. A marketing manager in a SME could be working by themselves and be expected to do all the marketing tasks and constantly come up with new ideas and be on top of every new platform as they come out. Imagine the 1 marketing manager became 10 so instead of 1 manager coming up with an idea you have a community as the group grows, this is where the sounding board calls come into play. Added to this the benefits below it will give your marketing manager the support you’re looking for.

We are not experts in everything marketing but we will be looking to bring in experts in some areas  to run workshops.


  • Support for your Marketing Manager / Marketing Assistant.
  • Social media news updates in our Facebook group
  • At least 1 monthly sounding board/mastermind call via zoom. (possibly 2 if demand is there)
  • Access to our Facebook community.
  • Access to membership level networking (Spotlight Wales).
  • A free listing on Spotlight Wales worth £150 a year.
  • As the group grows we aim to bring in expert speakers for workshops via zoom.
  • We will be building a library of content that you can access all year round
  • We will have 10 monthly social media challenges (none in August or December)
  • We will show you how to use the tools that we use on a daily basis to make life easier.

This is a new membership and will grow as the membership grows, as a founding member your business will be on a lifetime price, the price you pay will be the price you pay as long as you remain a member. If you leave for any reason and want to rejoin it would be on the pricing at the time.


I bet you are thinking how much will this cost, will it be to expensive, well this is the thing we are not all about money.

As a founding member you can join Small Business Marketing club for £24.95 a month but founding membership will only be open until Tuesday 31st at 5pm. After that membership will be £39 a month, so don’t wait join now

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