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Things to know about Spotlight Wales

Our Vision

‘Our Vision’ outlines the direction and strategic intent of ‘Spotlight’.  In a nut shell we want to showcase great local businesses and to engage local people in doing this.

‘Our Vision’ for ‘Spotlight’ is as clear as our every day business objectives. That is to bring all the best local businesses within Wales together. As such creating a platform where local businesses can work with each other as to develop a vibrant local economy.

Spotlight Wales is not new. The team operating it has over ten years running multiple small businesses in different sectors and a combined experience of over 20 years in marketing local businesses.

Spotlight’s operation is trifold:

Firstly, this is a local business operation which focuses on championing the great local businesses within each county. Businesses have the opportunity to partake in many offline marketing activities such as networking, expo’s and awards events. They also receive certificates, recommendation media, customer feedback cards, bi-weekly newsletters and customer offers. By the way they also receive featured full page listing on our professional web site.

Secondly, the business also has a large community focus with local news and events listed. A key place for the local community to find out what’s going on and when.

Thirdly, Spotlight engages the local people through no-cost membership. Giving them the facility to offer reviews on local businesses and being able to recommend good businesses to the rest of Wales and also the ability to add local events. In return the local community members will receive discounts and special offers from the listed businesses on a fortnightly basis.

Why ’Spotlight’? why Wales? Why us?

For us it brings together everything needed for Wales to Develop. We cover (on launch) the counties of Blaenau Gwent, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Newport, RCT and Torfaen with more areas to follow. Welsh government and councils are in the process of ongoing and constant regeneration, and  are doing an excellent job with new business initiatives but with limited resources and the ever changing red tape and politics. However, in our opinion it is not the public sectors role to develop business, the only definite way to move forward is through developing our entrepreneurship through business relations and creating a vibrant local economy with business re-investment.

Why Wales? Simply, we live here, the people are friendly and genuine, and we strongly believe that Spotlight will make a difference.

We are seeing a growth in restaurants (a sure sign of economic growth and affluence)  It will take more work and time but with new innovations such as Spotlight we can aid and direct that development in a clear and coherent strategy that benefits the local people and the local businesses.

Why us? An excellent question, we have a solid business background. Having owned and operated a successful business ventures prior to this one for nearly ten years we have a solid and more importantly real understanding of business. This real experience coupled with my multi faceted employment history ( Public, White collar and food manufacturing) gives us a good and clear understanding of business needs.

Each County is operated by different people that know and work in the area but also as a collective we bring a wide range of skills to ensure we as a team grow and share knowledge which can be used of not used in your business (whats right for one business isn’t necessary right for your business.

Why our clients love Us
And why they keep coming back!
  • Towergate Insurance
    Martyn Bevan, Towergate Insurance

    Great networking group, great place to hear about other peoples businesses and talk about yours

  • Elektra Designs
    Joe Dickens, Elektra Designs

    Well worth attending and meeting with a good range of like minded businesses

  • Travel Counsellors
    Karina Bawler, Travel Counsellors
    I love Spotlight – it’s the most friendly, supportive and welcoming networking group I have ever visited
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