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Everyone makes these mistakes in their marketing, I certainly have. Do these 5 simple things and don’t let them become your mistakes

1. Do you have a Pixel

Facebook pixel image

Facebook Pixel, a great way to gather data

Not having a pixel on your website is a big mistake, probably the biggest mistake, even if you don’t use it it will collect data from the moment it is installed so when you do start using it the data will be ready for you. If you aren’t tracking behavior with the depth of pixel data, you’re leaving money on the table. It doesn’t matter which platform you’re on, Facebook and Google are the two main ones but there are others.

2. Selling A Product Instead Of Building A Brand

The best way to build healthy, sustainable, memorable client relationships is to build your brand. Think about the product you buy that you never see a sale ad for.

3. Ignoring Your Email List

So you don’t always read your emails, so you may think email doesn’t work anymore. People just don’t read bad ones, Grab their attention, bring value, and your emails will grow your business. Work and build that list on autopilot.

4. Focusing on One Platform

How many businesses rely on a single platform to create traffic?

If a platform goes belly up or blocks you, what would your business look like then?

It’s the “don’t put all your eggs into one basket” approach to long-term health.

5. Create content and use it everywhere

Record your thoughts, write them down or record them on your phone, then create a blog, take some of the points of the blog and use them as social media posts on all platforms and link them back to the blog. Add some of your blog to your email marketing and link back to your blog and create offers or services linked to your blog.