Barbers tools

We are going through tough times at the moment nobody has to say that, I have noticed some businesses are not helping themselves and the same with some customers.
As soon as lockdown finished and barbers opened I booked an appointment and got a much needed haircut, my barber had put her prices up almost twenty percent (thats two pound) but this covers sanitiser and screens and facemarks so its acceptable and to be honest she should probably have done it a while ago.
Since everyone has to book she gets a lot of no shows for her business (customers not being good customers), this will probably cause this business to up their prices when things go back to normal. I have also been talking to my next-door neighbour she is in her 70s and her hairdresser increased her prices from £65 to £85 and also she cut services (she usually has a coffee and a chat maybe a magazine) as well this has possibly cost her some customers.

I understand that you have to cover increased costs and losses that have incurred over lockdown but remember you have to have customers when this is all over and customers talk. Increasing your prices may be a necessity but give value in the increase and people will understand.