Kevin Gutteridge, Author at Dragon Marketing

Author: Kevin Gutteridge

One thing that helped make a change for 2021

A man with a tie and glasses siting at a computer procrastinating People usually start the week excited for a new week (that's me) or it's the dreaded...

5 mistakes to avoid in your marketing 

Everyone makes these mistakes in their marketing, I certainly have. Do these 5 simple things and…

Should I apply for a Business Award… is my business good enough?

There are many awards that you business can apply or get nominated for such as Business…

Working from home… the new normal

Working from home is the new normal for many people, but  I have been doing it…

Do you have a networking strategy

Spotlight Networking Logo

Do you have a Networking Strategy? I have been networking for quite a while now and…

The price is right…does this apply to your business.

Barbers tools

We are going through tough times at the moment nobody has to say that, I have…

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