You could be missing so many opportunities

Does your business have a load of business cards or a list of customers email addresses or even a sign up form on your website or social media channels?

Have you emailed any of your list, maybe once or twice then you have had some unsubscribes and you thought ‘ I’m not going to do that again’ or open rates have been rubbish.

I’m going to tell you a couple of things

  • Those business cards and or email addresses are useless if you don’t use them.
  • Your list is giving you no value.
  • Now more than ever people want to hear from you.
  • Only a small percentage of you list might ever become your customers.
  • If you leave it too long these people will forget who you are.
  • If you don’t email your list your competition will.
  • There also comes a point that if you haven’t used your data you should delete it under GDPR.

And now the good news

  • Unsubscribes are a good thing (within reason) why would you want to email people that don’t want what you offer.
  • When you first email your open rates may be rubbish but you test and change things and test some more and the open rates will improve.
  • An active engage list of 100 people is better than a non engaged pile of cards in a draw or a large database of contacts you never email.
  • When you send an email make sure there are links for people to click so they can become customers. If there is nothing to interact with how can you see the are interested.
  • Learn how to read the email reports you could be missing so many opportunities.

There are different options to start sending regular emails to list

  • First choose your email service, Mailchimp and Omnisend are two services we work with as a Partner
  • Set Up all of your information
  • Work out what information you need, we recommend First Name, Surname and Email at least but keep it simple
  • Get all your information into a spread sheet and upload to service
  • Create email templates

And away you go.

We can support you in several ways, join us on one of the Spotlight Networking calls (Find us on Eventbrite 2nd and 4th Friday of the month) and at the end I can talk through any issues. Book a Power Hour we can work through most of the set up and how to use service, or book more time if you need. Or if this all sounds like to much trouble take a look at our done for you services in the Our Services page.

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