hashtags and why you should be using them

Should you be using hashtags in your social media?

They help with exposure so I would say if its relevant to your content then yes.

Hashtags # started at the beginning of social media mainly on twitter to aid in there search algorithm it almost became obsolete and twitter was going to drop hashtags then Facebook decided to start using them Linkedin did too and Instagram were also using them.
A hashtag is a search term with no spaces with the # symbol at the beginning.
Examples I use
#BGA21 #BusinessGrowthAwards #SpotlightWales #DragonMarketing #Networking 

Tip 1 – When using a hashtag write it down, there have be some horrible mistakes using hashtags two or three words together can read as a completely different phrase.

When done right a hashtag can help you gain more exposure and new followers. On my morning runs I usually take a picture on route and post to Instagram and I might tag #running #swansea and #5k and when I walk the dogs I might take a picture and tag where I am and #ridgebacksofinstagram and several other hashtags I use. Anyone invested in the subject can follow the hashtag, they should then see the post and like,  comment and share, it allows you to expand your reach via interest.

Tip 2 – Be creative but beware of hijackin, on Sunday it was the Super Bowl in the US a pretty big event they usually use #superbowl but over recent years WWF UK have used Super Bowl weekend to increase exposure by simple using #SuperbOwl I have added a screen shot below it can work well.

So you might be asking what hashtags should I use and how many, this is not an easy question to answer and is different for every business.
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 3-5 hashtags should be fine more in my opinion makes a post look spammy.
Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags again in my opinion this looks spammy but its the norm for instagram. You should taylor hashtags to the theme of the post so people might want to follow you and like and share the post. If you posted a picture of a rugby match to runners it probably wouldn’t have any interest at all.

Remember it’s about relevant content

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